Precision cleaning

Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning system

Organic solvent/ inorganic solvent (acid/alkaline)

Dry ice cleaning

Cleaned through solid dryice to clean the fixtures on relevant parts

High-pressure water jet cleaning & strpping

Pressurize water to high pressure to form a shear force field with high energy.

Utility: Remove the fixtures physically adhered; ex: all Metal or ITO films stacked on the adhesion board.

Advantage: effective and rapid; since the water cluster is soft, the consumption of base material is far less than metal bonding to be peeled off by chemical.


1. Pressurized sand blaster adjustable pressure sand blasting machine

2. Whirlwind sand blaster cyclone blasting machine

Main functions are to make roughness, cleaning and deposition removal of parts.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic precision cleaning

The particle on parts surface is cleaned through DI water ultrasonic concussion.